Team Everest was started in August, 2006

Our first activity was to collect around Rs. 4000 from four people who contributed it from their first month’s salary. We donated uniforms and notebooks to few students in a rural school in Sirumoor (Tiruvannamalai Dt, Tamilnadu, India). From there on, we have grown from strength to strength. More than nine years have passed and now we have 9500+ Volunteers helping people across India by giving time, their skills and money.

We love volunteering. Our objective is to promote volunteering by motivating individuals to volunteer atleast once a month (12/365) and make a difference by providing quality education to less privileged children through volunteering.

Founder of Team Everest

Karthee Vidya C is the founder and first volunteer of Team Everest. He started Team Everest in 2006 when he was 22 years old. He did his high school studies in a rural side school where many of his friends are economically very poor. Karthee tells in his own words, "One of my friend with whom I used to have lunch during my 8th standard used to help his dad by putting punctures to cycle tires after school hours. With the meager amount which he earns, it was very difficult for him to pay school fees and purchase notebooks for his studies.

On the other hand, during my 11th standard, I studied in a city school where most of the students are very rich and in fact they had a very luxurious life. I got a chance to see both the styles of life, the poverty and the other luxurious. It made a huge impact on me and that’s the time I started thinking about people who are poor but have a determination in them to come up in life. I can say that's the ‘Seed for Everest!’ During my college days in Salem, Tamilnadu, I started helping the people nearby. It is actually when I joined my first job in an IT company in 2006, I started Everest!".

Karthee has quit his high paying job and works voluntarily full time for Team Everest.

Viswanaathan R -Secretary

Viswa works for a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team of a major IT company in Chennai. He is passionate about volunteering and making a difference in Primary Education in the country.

He leads from the front, a team member and design various initiatives for Team Everest.Photography and reading books are his hobby.

Viswa's contribution to Team Everest includes:

1) Designing and executing 'Help a Kid Read' program in schools across Chennai.

2) Incubating the 'Kindness Club' initiative of Team Everest

3) Mentoring and guiding other core team leaders of Team Everest.

4) Create road maps for future Team Everest initiatives.

Gomathy N - Treasurer

Gomathy aka Gomz works for a major IT company in Chennai. She ensures complete acountability and transparency with in Team Everest.

She along with our volunteer Aswini manages the entire Finance team and ensure every donation is well spent, creating maximum impact.

She loves reading books, watching movies and taking selfies :).

Gomathy's contribution to Team Everest includes:

1) Handle all donations and expenses of Team Everest.

2) Raise funds to support initiatives like student schoalrships.

3) Creating Transparency report to communicate to donors regualrly.

4) Designing and executing the 'First Penguin club' program for school and college students.

Trust Documents

Trust Deed | 12A Certificate | 80G Certificate | Recent IT Return Document